a Handmade Halloween

Better late than never with the Halloween Post! I was lucky enough to be asked to make a few costumes this year.  I am loving loving this Wonder Woman baby costume -

and calling her WonderBaby is that much cuter! 


My friend Bo asked me to make his costume too so of course I said yes :)  He then showed me this picture:

crazy one eyed octopus.JPG

Ummmm....You want to be that? What is that?

"It doesn't have a name, but I really want to be this - exactly this!"

So I got to it and four t-shirts, lots of suction cups, and several colors of tulle later, it turned out great!

octupus costume.JPG

And one more cutie patootie in her skinny jeans and Tuckfish Pumpkin one piece.


Project salty T-shirt Quilt

I've given a few previews of these beauty, but now that its at home with its owner, y'all get to see the final product! The quilt is made of old salty t-shirts from a Salty Captain friend.  There's some really great old shirt here! Fittingly, the quilt had its photoshoot by the water. 

tshirt quilt 4.jpg

Do y'all love it?1? I think it turned out great!  Tackle this project yourself with that old pile of college shirts, sorority or fraternity shirt, anything that means something to you or as a gift! 

This is also on my list of custom-made projects, so if you not feeling froggy enough to tackle it yourself, contact me for a quote! 

Project Organize my Life

So last week I started the daunting task of organizing my Office/Craft Room in preparation for a makeover (pictures of the that coming soon - it looks awesome!) Y'all, I have loads of fabric.  And I do mean LOADS.  Fabric for the 60s & 70s from my grandmother, fabric from my mom, sister-in-laws, friends,  anyone who thinks I can use it.  Of course I weed through it when it gets passed along, but most of it is so super cool that I can bear to get rid of it.  And I do use it.  I have a retro tote bag with fabric from the 70s and throw pillows made from the silk my grandfather brought back from Japan after WWII (yes, they are fantastic!)  But it was taking over my room.  BAD.  I filled up the closet and then bought shelves and filled them up too.  Here's what they looked like before Project Organization.



SCARY! You do not want to see the closet, trust me.  Think a 4 x 7 feet fabric mountain.  Gross.  I HAD to come up with a better storage solution that would allow for more space and let me easily see my collection.  I found these great organizers online, they are worth every single penny! 

Simply fold and tuck your fabric around the acid free board like this: 


And get a pretty fabric display that won't wrinkle and is easy to cut like this: 



I pinned the ends to keep everything tight.  Here's what the shelves look like all pretty and organized: 

So much better! Stay tuned to see what I did with all that scrap fabric!! 


I love NC

We had a fabulous weekend here in our gorgeous state.  I am totally in love.  Dinner with parents, hammock swinging, boat days, and sunset cruise to dinner with fantastic friends.  I hope all you awesome people had just as great a time!

I've been working on some new designs  - here's a drying shot from the studio -

And a quick photoshoot this evening of the Heart North Carolina design on a loose fitting tank.  How do y'all like it??