Spring Pom-Pom Wreath {handmade wares}

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I loved my peppermint wreath so much that I decided to make one for the spring and summer using my favorite bright colors.
This one is smaller because I'm pretty sure the peppermint one has over 300 pom-poms on it. I did not want to invest that much time into this one! This one has about 90. Drastically less time:) And more sanity.
The coral, yellow, blue, and green look great together and show up nicely from the road.
To make one for yourself: make about 90 - 100 pom-poms with extra string on each end. Simply tie the pom-poms around a Styrofoam wreath in whatever pattern suites you. Hang with ribbon. You're done!

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Recipe List {home decor}

I've been adding lots of stuff to the kitchen lately, it seems! This was actually my husband's idea. Well, not the cute frame and design, but the list itself was. I'm always asking him what he wants to eat that week and he always says "the usual stuff". Since I typically make a lot of different things that is not really an answer. Last week, he told me that I should make a list of options that he can choose from. So, that's exactly what I did!


I left room on the left side to add new recipes and we try and both like. The idea is that he can circle what he wants each week with a dry erase marker. It will help me make my grocery list and not have to make the decisions each week.

(you can see my cabinets reflected in this pic!)


I used fabric for the background and simply taped a printed recipe list list to the backing so that I can easily change it as we update our list. I hung it in the kitchen - both a great decoration and useful!

Ribbon Flower Pillow {handmade wares}

I've got a new pillow design to show you! An updated version from the flowers of last summer. This ribbon pillow is a little more time consuming since you have to keep twisting the ribbon.


Overall, I love the way in turned out. Yellow and purple ribbon on gray and white fabric with a matching gray and white puff flower in the center. Finished with a oversized black pearl button.



I used a matching striped fabric on the back side for added interest.



Available for purchase! $40 for these because of the time to do the ribbon. Send your custom color requests to marian@perfectchancememories.com.

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Guest room headboards {home decor}

Well, they're not technically headboards really. But over the bed decoration. Again, I pulled my inspiration from a song. Vertical Horizon - Sunrays & Saturdays.


I wanted to add a little happiness and a sense of welcome to our guest room. It stays full during the summer & fall since we're at the beach!





The frame adds a bit of sophistication, don't you think? And the frames are hung up high enough that they are not in the way if our guests want to read in bed.


Don't forget to come visit us - The beds are waiting!

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