Project Barstool Recover

I've been needing bar stools for ummmm, let's see, about 4 and 1/2 years.  It's just one of those things I've been putting off because

a) I couldn't find any I liked

and b) all the ones I did like were hella expensive.

So we had a modge podge of too short & mismatched stools. And all uncomfortable.

Until last week when I decided to do something about it.  Pushed slightly by my mom who pronounced last time she was visiting that she wanted me to get some bar stools.

After looking at several consignment shops and online shops, I asked a friend who owns a furniture if she had anything for me.  Luckily she did! A customer had returned bar stools recently because they were supposed to be pure white but were actually tented slightly green-ish.  And I would have to be creative because the seats were beige (knowing I can't handle anything too neutral!)  Here's the before pic -

before barstool.JPG

Nice enough, but too plain jane for my taste.  I found some great fabric (at the same furniture store and 1/2 off!) and spent about an hour recovering the cushions.  Here's how I did it -

First I unscrewed the cushion from the base

naked stool.JPG

Then I cut my fabric into squares - big enough to wrap around the cushion and lined up the cushion in the middle of the fabric.  Make sure to line up the pattern if you want all the stools to look the same.  I am not too big on matchy-matchy so I didn't worry about that step.

cut stool.JPG

Next pull the fabric very tight on the cushion and staple with a heavy duty staple gun.  I did 4 corners first to make sure the fabric was tight and even and then went around in a circle.


It will look like this (trim all that excess fabric)  I forgot to take an after trimmed pic.


Now screw the cushion back to the base, repeat for all four barstools, take them inside, and be proud of yourself:)

Here's a few shots of the finished product. (excuse the skittle wrapper.  I had to have a snack)


Have you recovered anything recently??


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