a balanced life

Hey y'all! It's been a few weeks since my last blog post, but thanks for following me anyway! And it leads to the the topic of balance. How does one balance it all? Fellow bloggers, how do you balance it all?

No matter how I schedule my day, something always seems to fall to the wayside. My days go something like either of these two situations:

wake up, pilates, run/walk the dogs, work (at my ft job), create (on days I get off at 2:30), go the the gym, cook, eat dinner. by then is is usually 9 pm and I am out of energy to blog.

the other scenario is the same as the first except substitute working out and or walking the dogs for blogging. My weekend days are filled with cleaning, creating, and hopefully Sunday Funday time.

I just can't seem to fit both keeping fit and blogging into my schedule on a regular basis without totally running myself down. And while I do love blogging and did enjoy my daily posts covering different subjects, my health and fitness keeps my body feeling better and improves my well-being.

I think 2 or 3 posts a week is manageable for me and will be my new goal from here forward. I do hope you'll still follow me and my adventures! I plan to keep Tasty Thursdays as one of my weekly posts because I cook almost nightly and love it (and trying new recipes!)

Any tips of living a balanced life and what choices you make?