Time to start Thinking Red & Green! {Holiday Decorations}

Hello Lovelies! October was crazy busy and November is starting out the same way. As I'm sure y'all know by now, if I'm not blogging, it is because I'm busy working on projects, designs, and parties. Sometimes I just can't find the time to blog, even though I love it. So I'm not ignoring y'all - just busy creating fun stuff to show you!

And today I've got two Holiday items for y'all! Both items are available for order and customization. Here's the first:


Christmas Tree Pillow! Very cute, right? I'll be showing you more options over the next week, but you can get the tree in green, red, black, or gray and the background in just about any color you can think of! The tree is topped off with a button and the "ornaments" are pearl beads. Cost -$60 including pillow form. The cover can be taken off after the holiday and replaced with another cover - perhaps my Daisy cover?!?



Ornament bouquets! Fun, cute, perfect Center pieces all through the Holiday season. The vase can be customized with different ribbon and embellishments. Cost $30. This also looks great year-round in colors that match your house. I have one that stays in my dining room.


Order your pillows by November 30 for delivery by December 10. Order by December 5 to ensure delivery for Christmas. Reserve your ornament bouquet today - I have a limited number of them in red, green, and gold!