House Tour {living room}

Happy Tuesday y'all! I'm back for another edition of the Tucker House Tour! This week, the living room - one of the most used rooms in the house of course. This living room is MUCH bigger than the one we had in Cary and our stuff fits perfectly. The color is Sherwin Williams "Poolside", which is my favorite color of all time. And I've been told that it looks very beach-y, so it fits in perfectly here at the coast! The beadboard was here when we moved in and it helps to keep the rooms very light and open looking. And how lucky did we get that our tv fits in the cubby hole? We had to remove the side cabinets, but it is a perfect fit!






Paint - Sherwin Williams Poolside
Antique Window - thrifted & painted by me
Vinyl Lettings - by me
Engagement Collage - Leslie Ann Mills Photography
Couch - Rowe sectional
Ottoman Cover - by me
Lucky Chance Picture - wedding gift from my parents