the tastiest way to save $150/month

Get yourself a coffee grinder, a mason jar, and a french press.  We have this one:

It works great! Grind one cup of Espresso beans on the coarse setting.  Put in the french press and fill with water.  Put the top on (but don't press yet!) and let the whole sh'bang sit on the counter for about 12 hours.  Now you can press!  Press the grinds down and pour your Espresso into your mason jar for storing in the fridge.

Now you're ready to make your Latte.  Pour in a little of your favorite syrup.  (You may have to experiment with the amount - start small and add more later I always say!)  Add one part espresso and one part milk to make whatever size latte your heart desires.

There ya go! You've just increased your clothing/crafting/shoe budget:)