scrap busting {flowers & headbands}

Y'all, I have so much scrap fabric.  Like, a ton.  
See? That's box #1.

And here's box #2. Ridiculous, right?

I am lucky enough to have a smallish walk-in closet to store all my fabric and right now my scrap boxes are taken up half of it! I decided that it is time to take action without adding to the trash can.

So here's scrapbusting project #1:

A Fabric Flower Headband.  This flowers are fun and easy to make and could be used on headbands (like here!), hairpins, or as a brooch to attach to most anything.  It is also sewn by hand so I can work on this and watch TV at the same time. (p.s. who saw the bachelorette? Frank is such a d-bag!)

Expect to see many of these in the future!