Home Tours {hallways}

I believe I should have started the home tour here in the entry hallway, but I was so darn excited about my dining table that I skipped ahead to the dining room. So skip back a minute and imagine you are starting the tour at the beginning :) This is the entry hallway.
Those of you that know me know that I am not a beige person. Like, at all. I think it looks great in other people's homes, but in my home it makes me feel like I am not living in my own space. Like I'm an impostor. Or like I'm renting someone else's house.
Gray, on the other hand, makes me feel alive, happy, and at home. It also matches swimmingly with the bright colors I tend to gravitate to. And with the large windows, tall ceilings, and bright white beadboard in our house, the gray does not overwhelm the space or make it feel to dark.
Above is the hallway coming in from the garage. It leads to the kitchen (you can see one kitchen wall in this picture), the master bedroom, the laundry room, and the bonus room. We're replacing the floor & some of the trim in the kitchen, which is why those things are missing from this picture. I painted this small section between the doors with chalkboard paint & love it! It goes great with the gray and has become the perfect place to keep track of our wish list:) I keep chalk in a handled mason jar on one of the hooks for easy handling.
My 6 year old nephew studied the wish list and said "I think I'll get them the mulch, its probably the cheapest." HA! Too cute. Although we need nearly a dump truck size load of mulch.