we scout wednesdays {artist, crafter, blogger}

*Today's We Scout Wednesdays theme over at Scoutie Girl is a favorite artist, crafter, or blogger. I am reposting my Carolina Handmade interview with Natalie from Stitches and Purls to participate!*

Good morning Lovelies! I am very excited to bring you a new weekly series called Carolina Handmade! This series will focus on a variety of artists from North Carolina and will showcase their talent, work, and ideas. I believe that art encompasses anything that requires use of your creative mind so you'll see artists, crafters, designers, photographers, event designers, sewers (sewing crafters, sew masters?) and more in the spotlight. I hope you enjoy the new series and learning about all the talented people in our beautiful state!

First up is the talented Natalie Lodato of Stitches and Purls. I won a headband from Natalie and few weeks ago and I love it! The colors are beautiful and you can really tell it is made with love and care and that Natalie really loves to knit. I'll let her take it from here!

Name: Natalie Lodato

Company: Stitches and Purls

Store: www.stitchesandpurls.etsy.com
Headband Rope

How did you get started in your craft?
To make a long story short - I taught myself to knit from kit about five years ago! I was at job training in NYC and decided I needed a hobby in my downtime :). Then about a year ago one of my best friends taught me to crochet. Little did I know that my hobby would turn into an obsession, favorite thing to do, and pseudo business.

Is this your day job or a hobby?
For now - it is my hobby and side job. However, I would love for my designs & work to turn into something more permanent one day.
Crocheted Bracelet Cuff
What is your favorite thing about creating? Hmmm... well I have a 'thing' about being unique. I love the fact that when I design - I get to make every item one of a kind. It is so much fun to pick out every aspect from the yarn to the construction to the finished product. In short? I'm kind of a control freak :)!!

Who is your strongest supporter?
Oh gosh - I can't pick - definitely friends & family & my knitting buddy.

Beret Photo-shoot
What keeps you motivated?
Great feedback from customers! There is nothing more motivating than seeing or hearing how happy a customer is with a product that has so much of 'me' in it.
Any thing else you would like to tell us? Well - since this is for Carolina Handmade, it is relevant that I am a native North Carolinian :) . Born and raised! I have a great dog and a wonderful husband and family... and I hope ya'll will check out my blog & store to learn more about me and my work!

Thanks Natalie! It is so fun and motivating to hear other people's stories about how they got started and how they stay motivated! Check out Natalie here: Etsy, Stitches and Purls Blog, Facebook, and Flickr.