Carolina Handmade {Mine All Mine Monogramming}

I'm back today with another edition of Carolina Handmade! In the spotlight this week is Alice Rup of Mine all Mine Monogramming. I just love monogrammed stuff, don't you? Anything becomes instantly cuter with an initial or a name monogrammed on it. Alice makes simply the cutest stuff for babies, kids, and adults! Burp cloths, bibs, shirts, blankets, bags, and umbrellas are available. Here's her interview:

Name: Alice Bennett Rup
Company: Mine All Mine Monogramming
Store: online only through facebook page Mine All Mine Monogramming
How did you get started in your craft/art? My mother sewed all of our clothes and costumes growing up, so I have been around sewing for a long time. I got my first sewing machine about 10 years ago, but only used it for household items like curtains or aprons. Right out of college, I discovered how much cuter things were with a monogram or name on it. That is really when my obsession with monogrammed gifts began. I purchased my own embroidery machine about 1 year ago as I was spending so much money on gifts for friends wedding and baby showers as well as getting things monogrammed for my own son. I took a couple of lessons from the shop where I purchased the machine and practiced, practice, practiced. Soon, the little shirts and things I made for my own son and friends, other people wanted. That is when I decided that I needed to devote extra time to operating this little part time business.
Is this your day job or a hobby? This is a hobby that has really turned into a part time job. I work full time in a different field, but I spend about 15 hours a week (depending on season) creating items for my customers
What is your favorite thing about creating/designing? My favorite thing about creating is seeing customer’s reactions to the finished product and going out in public and someone asking me where I got the adorable shirt that my son is wearing. Being able to attend a baby or wedding shower with a gift that you helped to create and make extra special with personalization for a friend has is a great feeling.

It is funny to me when I go to shower with a gift I made, where there are people that I don’t know attending. You can see the look on people’s faces that all think I spent too much money! I love their reaction when I tell them that I made the gift!
Who is your strongest supporter? My strongest supporters are my friends and family. They are always enthusiastic about my creations and offer great suggestions.
What keeps you motivated? My customers keep me motivated. They are sooo enthusiastic, constantly praise the things that I make and send referrals my way. At the rate I am going, I am afraid to set up a real website or open a shop on Etsy because I already have a lot of business and I like to keep my turnaround time short.
Thanks for sharing Alice!

Visit Mine All Mine Monogramming here.