Tasty Thursday - Chocolate

a little different take today - my favorite chocolate deserts! yum yum.  

caution: reading this may cause a serious, uncontrollable chocolate craving.

typically, round these parts, its low-fat chocolate pudding for us.  good weight management people.  and it gives us a chocolate fix. but when we indulge, we indulge big time.  here are a few of our favorites:

triple chocolate cake from the White Oak Bistro
ghirardelli brownies with a hershey's bar in the middle. (if you haven't tried this - you must. oh seriously you must.  you can put any of your favorite candy bars in the middle)

german chocolate chip pound cake. yumm yumm yumm.  my mom makes this.  i will get the recipe & do a tasty thursday dedicated just to this sometime. you won't be disappointed. 

chocolate peanut butter ice cream. love it.

chocolate pecan pie.  i will never turn this down.

your turn! what are your favorite chocolate loves?  post & share below!