New bag style and some housekeeping.......

A few things to share today. First, I cleaned up the look of the blog some on the right.  I think it looks much better, don't you?  I still need to clean up the Name Signs links, but I'm getting there!

Second, I designed a new tote style yesterday.  Can one say that they designed a "new" tote style?  Anyway, it is a basic tote for anything you might want to carry.  Beach stuff, toys, work stuff, overnight bag, etc.  The tote is all about the functionality and the cuteness.  Stay tuned for lots of cuteness to come!
green and brown tote bag
And lastly, I promised since Monday, a little about Scoutie Girl's 52 Weeks of Blogging your Passion.
I downloaded Tara's ebook last week and read it over the weekend.  She gives lots of great insights on setting up your blog, finding inspiration, and those helpful little hints that are good for someone wanting to drive some traffic to their page.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  You will see some changes in  my blogging "philosophy" here on PCM, but not too many!  I like my style here and just plan to continue beefing it up.  I am however going to follow Tara's 52 week plan for a new blog I have in the works!  I am excited about it and will tell you all about it sometime in the next two weeks.  I am reaching out to a free crafty friends that I think can give me some good feedback and perhaps want to be involved.  So stay tuned lovelies!
Here's what the beach looks like today -