January Goals

A few of my blogging friends do monthly goals & it seems to be a great way to get organized and make yourself stick to your goals.  Seeing how you've published them for all to see and everything.  I think 2010 is a great year for me to start this, so here goes:

January 2010 goals:
1) Get & maintain at least 30 items in Etsy store
2) Develop a plan for marketing paper goods to stores
3) Hire a painter for the new house & decide on colors
4) Make a dentist appt.
5) Join a book club or social club in EI or Morehead City
6) Do a daily blog post Monday-Friday
7) Finish product sheet for name signs
8) Run at least 4 times a week
9) Build my store on Artfire
10) Post or comment regularly on other's blogs

I'll let you know in February how I did!