I've been spotted!!

I've been spotted!  How awesome is that?!? Love it.  I will be adding an Indie Spotting Button to my blog tonight!

Sorry for the lack of posts this month.  Life is crazy right now! Same for everyone, right?  On top of it being Labor Day, end of summer, start of football season (!), etc, my husband got a new job.  This is very exciting for us & for him especially, as I think he will love it.  But, it is in Havelock, NC.
So, we're moving.  Not to Havelock, thank goodness.  I mean, is there anything in Havelock? Maybe a Wendy's. Or a Pizza Hut.  Or a MacDonald's. Anywho, we're shooting for Beaufort, Newport,  or Morehead City - any would be awesome and they are all close to the beach so I should be a happy girl.

But, let me tell ya - it is a PAIN to pack.  I mean, a real swift kick in the butt.  I didn't realize I had so much stuff! Clean the closets, pack up the dog stuff, and the worse part - the craft stuff! I still haven't figured out how I am supposed to pull off moving, throwing a few showers & parties, doing orders, and keep the house spic and span all at the same time.  I'll let you know how that goes in about a month.  Plus a trip to Tahoe(!!!!) for what is surely to be a fantastically beautiful and fun wedding.  Plus training people at the day job so I can move on without a hitch.  September and October are going to be fun and exciting and challenging and scary all at the same time.

With that said, I will try to post and update the blog as often as possible, but please hang with me if you don't hear from me to much.  I'll be in full swing around the middle of October when Perfect Chance Memories finally becomes my full time job:)