New Shoes! (and my new frok)

These are my new shoes. Aren't they to die for? Had to have them. I actually didn't know they were in the signature Coach pattern until I opened the box - but it works on this shoe, don't cha think? The multi color helps it not stand out to much, which is great since I'm not a huge Signature fan unless it is on something irresistible (like my studded gallery tote). Otherwise, I'm a leather & suede girl.

Anywho, this post is not really about my new shoes. Its about my new Frok from the House of Rok. I am very excited about this new eco-friendly line of dresses. I learned about these creative, amazing girls on Facebook & was immediately enthralled with their designs and ideas. The webpage has a link to the Facebook page where you can view the different styles, sizes, and colors & instructions on how to place your pre-order. House of Rok is just starting out, you see. You can also request that the girls contact your favorite local boutique about carrying the Froks in the spring.

To go with my new shoes, I ordered the Tia in black with a fuchsia belt. I can already tell that I'm going to be making this line a staple in my wardrobe. All the better to help the environment, right?