My Etsy Favorites

There's going to be a new baby in the family! No, it's not me. My brother, Joey & his wife Ash are having a baby in December. They are more adventurous than I imagine I'll be and are going to wait until the birthday to find out the sex. Ash seems to be totally cool with this. Me, me? I'd be going crazy! No patience here.

Anyway, Ash has picked out brown, green, and white as colors for the nursery - hopefully in polka dots & stripes. So of course I had to do an Etsy search. And now, how I am going to resist buying all this stuff? Adorable, don't cha think? Ash & I are both Chi O's, so the owl onesie is right on point. As well as the owl toy - pull the string & it plays a song - how cool is that?!?

I have a lot of purchase decisions to make.