Bag & Page

A new style bag:

I love this style! I have been carrying this all week - it is lightweight, functional, and cute - if I do say so myself! I already have an order for Tori - I will spend my vacation next week thinking about which fabric to use for her:) If you love an over the shoulder bag, this is the one for you.

A new scrapbook page:

I also love this page! Be Here Now by Mason Jennings was our first song at our wedding. I loved the way this turned out - lyrics as the background. I used a regular size pen for everything except "You are the love of my life", on which I used a calligraphy pen. I cut the polka dot letters using my new Cricut(!). Can't wait to frame it & hang it on the wall in our house!

I will be on vacation next week with some good friends, so I may not be able to post anything. Happy July!