NC Wine Festival

This past Saturday was the NC Wine Festival in Clemmons. Chance planned to do the 3 Mountain Madness up Pilot Mountain, so of course that gave me a great excuse to go the Wine Festival. It was so much fun! 37 wineries, all different wines, and plenty of Scuppernong & Muscadine - my favorite! Here's a list of my favorites:

  1. McRitchie Winery - the Hard Cider is truly awesome. James like the Ring of Fire Red, I believe. It was very tasty:)
  2. Thistle Meadow - Bonny Black & Sweet Holler White. They also have a sweet Orange wine, but I can't find the exact name on their website. Check it out if you go to their winery - it was unusual & delicious!
  3. Duplin - Sunset Red. I have always been a big Duplin fan, so I tried something I had never had. It was a good choice!
  4. Chateau Laurinda - This is the only stop where we actually purchased a bottle. Or, two actually:) Roman Delight (a semi-sweet green apple) to go & Jessie & I split a bottle of Sangria over Chicken Salad in the shade. The Perfect compliment to a perfect day!
And some pictures from the festival:

That is about how much of a taste you get of each wine -

People lined up at the wine tents:

Me & James

Absolutely worth the $20 ticket - check it out next year!