Real First Post

So, my heart must not have really been into in January since I find myself back in more than 3 months later! I'm going to give it an honest go this time around.

This blog will be about what I've been doing, both in my life & in my part-time job as creator/president, etc of Perfect Chance Memories. I'll also update you on any cool new sites & fun creative stuff I see out & about.

So, here goes. This weekend we went to Summer & Neal's beautiful wedding at the newly finished Pavilions at the Angus Barn in Raleigh and let me tell you, this place is gorgeous! I love a venue that is so pretty in its own right that hardly any decorations are needed. The building structure is open air & looks like a big, glorified barn. So much better than a tent, but with the same natural feel. And the grounds! Who could get enough? The landscaping was perfect, not over or under done. There is a big brick patio right on the lake perfect for an outdoor ceremony. This will become one of the premier spots in Raleigh for weddings. I did not take any pictures of the grounds, but check out their website

I did however take some pictures of the details that Summer added to event. Her flowers were perfect - simple & absolutely beautiful! Here are some close-ups:

These torches lit up the brick walk-way to the fire pit:

I love, love, love this color rose. Hopefully this picture will blow up nicely so I can frame it & put it in my house!

This is a fun picture of the lights hanging from the Pavilion. So rustic & perfect for any kind of decoration!