Holy Scrapper's Jackpot Batman!

So my dad is remodeling my grandmother's second floor bathroom, which has prompted her & my aunts to start cleaning out the closets & storage space up there & to generally spruce it up. And look, oh look, at what they found! Yards & yards of fabric, rick rack, buttons, & embellishments galore!

My grandmother is very "green" for her generation & believes you can find a use for anything & everything. Hence, she NEVER EVER threw anything away. There are scraps from every material she ever used - she made nearly all of her clothes & my aunts' clothes and yards of material she never did use. And most of it is really cute! I mean, really! From looking at the patterns and embellishments, one can certainly tell that we are related - the polka dots, bright colors, big floral patterns! I absolutely cannot wait to start scrapping & crafting with my jackpot.

Check out this pretty red/pink fabric which will soon be cushions for the wicker furniture on our screen porch:

And this is all the rick rack, lace, and embellishments we found stashed away:

Here's a close-up of some of the best loot in the jackpot. Look how fun & retro this floral pattern is:

This has pillow written all over it - We just painted our bedroom this color!

This green, teal, and purple paisley I just love. I haven't decided what to do with it yet. There is definitely enough to make a curtain or two & maybe some pillows. And of course, scrapbooking with the scraps!

How cute are the daisies?

Need I say how much I love this fabric?!?

So, obviously I had a great weekend:) It was hard for me to leave my new loot last night & go to bed (Luckily I'm reading Eclipse, it was a little easier to pull away for Bella & Edward). I'll keep you updated on all the fun stuff I'm able to make with this stash:)

Extra note: My grandmother is a very stylish woman & always has been. We found three awesome pairs of shoes that are in near perfect condition & are wonderfully in style. They have the chic vintage look that everyone is going for. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for my sister-in-law, my grandmother wears a size 9. Check out Jennifer's shoes next time you see her!