Around the House

I am loving this 4 day weekend! The only thing that would make it better is if I lived at the beach so that I would be able to get all my projects done there. However, I will settle for good friends and my backyard oasis - a stacation if you will! I cut into all that fabric from my grandmother yesterday & here is a sample of what I have made so far:

Pillows for the screen porch furniture. I will also be replacing the cushions this weekend.

Pillow for our bedroom. This lace fabric truly is beautiful & I believe my granddad brought the green silk blend home from Japan when he came back from WWII.

This fabric came for my sister-in-law. It is super cute. I made curtains for the screen porch & this pillow. The pillow will probably be a hammock pillow - its the perfect size for reading in the shade:)

If you have never sewn before, it really is gratifying to see what you can accomplish. Yesterday was all simple stuff for me, but I honestly have so much fabric I should be able to outfit my entire house & possibly a few friends' as well. (Any requests? Send 'em my way!)

& here's a scrapbook page made from the photo taken in the photo booth at Summer & Neal's wedding. I also reused the ribbon & flower that adorned her candy bar boxes. I think it turned out super cute!
This is the new shelf I painted & antiqued for our bedroom. It makes a great display case for scrapbook pages.
On an unrelated note - I brought these yard ornaments at Pier 1 last week for our Koi. There pond is beautiful, but I t thought they could use a little fun decoration:) My husband would of course say that this is ridiculous.

And one of the Koi enjoying her new present :)